Changing the world through innovation

Tsarona Grocery Invest

Your not just a customer, your also a shareholder

Hamper 1 : R200

  • White Star Maize Meal 5kg
  • Spekko Rice 5kg
  • Selati Brown Sugar 2kg
  • Sunfoil Fish Oil 2L

Hamper 2 : R400

  • White Star Maize Meal 10kg
  • Spekko Rice 10kg
  • Selati Brown Sugar 5kg
  • Sunfoil Fish Oil 5L

Changing the world through innovation


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Contact the agent that told you about  the grocery scheme
  • Request forms from Tshepo on 073 503 4803 or email on
  • You can also complete the form online, click the below button

Yes, delivery is free, we only deliver in Simunye, Westonaria, Bekkersdal and Borwa

This is a customer who is interested in owning a share of the company for long term growth. The more you buy the bigger your share grows in comparison to others. The bigger the company grows, the bigger the value of your shares

A discount member is a customer who prefers not to invest in the company long term, but discounts every time that they buy 

For now we have included only the basics, we will take suggestions from customers so that we can identify which products we must add to the hamper

Yes you may recruit your friends, every time they buy, you get your discounts also, your shares get bigger, If they recruit more people, their share get bigger too

Changing the world through innovation

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