Banquet Hall Westonaria

Entry Fees

- R150 for Contestants
- Performance groups R50 + Entrance Fee
- General Audience Entrance fee (To be confirmed)


To be confirmed

Age Groups

We will have only 3 age Groups that we will cater for

  • - 5 to 13
  • - 14 to 19

Performances for the day

We will have dancers and singers performing on the day, if you are interested in performing, please contact us before the day

  • New Generation Art Street
  • Mzansi Dancesport
  • Chronics

Mr & Miss Westrand

Registration Process

1. Download registration FORM

This is possible by clicking the button below

2. Send Registration Form

Send the completed registration form to organizers, either
Emmanuel - 0735034803
Dan - 083 879 4544

3. Send Proof of Payment

Account details are available in the Registration Form, Once you have made the payment, please also send proof of payment

The arT Institute

Rules and Regulations

  1. Competition is open to all males & females as stated on the entry form irrespective of race, colour, creed or religion provided the entrant resides in South Africa.
  2. Categories will be stated on the entry form & the organizer reserves the right to change any category if need be.
  3. Contestants shall enter the competition for the age group that they will be on the day of the pageant.
  4. An entry fee or deposit must accompany all entry forms. This is not refundable under any circumstances.
  5. Communication will be sent to the parents / guardian of each contestant with details of the competition date. It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact details are correct and to stay in touch with the organizers in case of any changes.
  6. If you do not arrive on time on the day of the Pagent, you will forfeit your participation in the finals.
  7. The date of the pageant will be confirmed on your details provided.
  8. If a finalist is unable to attend the finals or is disqualified, organiser reserves the right to appoint another finalist in the contestant’s place
  9. All finalists will be required to attend rehearsals where necessary and no exceptions will be accepted.
  10. The winner must be available to attend promotional functions on behalf of his / her sponsors within reason, during his / her year of reign.
  11. Winners are allowed to join any other competition they wish.
    If a contestant relinquishes his / her title for any reason what so ever, all prizes must be returned in the condition they were received.
  12. If the winner cannot fulfill his / her year of reign for any reason, the 1st prince / princess will automatically take over the title.
  13. The winner/s WILL be required to represent his/her title as and when necessary within reason.
  14. Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash and will be awarded according to the sponsors specifications or wishes.
  15. The winner and his / her prince / princesses may receive one or more of the following as stated on the entry form: prizes and/or crowns and/or trophies and/or sashes.
  16. Communication with the judges by the entrant, parent or guardian will lead to automatic disqualification.
  17. Latecomers will be disqualified and no entry fee or sponsorship will be refunded.
  18. The decision of the judges will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  19. Judging Criteria. Natural beauty, confidence, poise, personality & verbal skills or as per entry form.
  20. Parents, guardians and participants will commit themselves to all the rules and regulations of any Pageants competition and will be required to sign a waiver if deemed necessary.
  21. By entering any competition held by The Art Institute, you agree to abide by ALL the Rules & Regulations and also agree to the following:
    1. No person/s (i.e. Participants, parents/s of participants, spectators, guests or any third parties who are in
      attendance at the pageant) shall be permitted to interfere with the judges and/or organizer of the pageant.
    2. The aforementioned person/s shall not be entitled to communicate with any media or media representative without the consent of the organizers of the pageant

All and any necessary legal action will be for the defendants’ account.
As each contestant enters into the competition of their own free will, we will not take any responsibility for the final results. The judges make the final choice and we will not tolerate any comments or complaints by parents, guardians, friends, family and / or contestants.
There can only be ONE winner and while each parent and contestant believes they should win, the decision is up to the judges. If you cannot take the fact that you may not win a competition, we advise that you do not enter, thereby alleviating us the embarrassment of you making a fool of yourself or the contestant. Not everyone can win and as the decision is not up to “The Art Institute”, please do not hold this against us.
We hold each competition in a Fair, Honest and open manner and pride ourselves on the fact that the final outcome is NOT rigged or organized in any way. This is against our principles. Score sheets will not be made available unless announced. If you are unhappy or concerned about anything tell us, not anyone else. We will not allow any defamation of character and will take any and all legal steps necessary to stop it

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