What we offer?

We are mainly focussed in the Technology space, hence our offering
– Website design and Hosting
– Apps development for Windows, Android and IOS
– Computers/Laptops/Tablets/User Phones
– Printers/Scanners

What is a partner program?

Our partner program is a vehicle that we have developed to allow a business to quickly implements a solution even before they are financially capable of covering development costs. As a company grows, it has multiple departments that work to get to bring the desired results of the company, we are your IT department. We are completely involved in the project to see where we can give you an
advantage from an IT perspective

We partner with SMME's to deliver value

Your technology partner

Together we go further

How does it work

Most frequent questions and answers

When you fill in our application form, we look into the industry that you are in and if we think that we can add value, if we cannot, then we decline your application. 

If we see that we can help you and add value to your business, we approve your application and move to step 2

We meet to establish a personal relationship to decide and see if it is a relationship worth building. its better and easier to work with people that you know and we believe in building great relationship with our partners

We will then look into what kind of an agreement we can make, this will explain how the 2 companies will work together in their partnership or joint venture

  1. Website Development
  2. Business Emails
  3. Business Applications/ Software
  4. Hardware Maintenance – business-computers

Cost of Program

We have structured our options in a way that can work with your current business structure, whether you are looking for a service only or looking for a partner who understands technology, we will meet you at a suitable agreement

Cash cost

1. This is a comprehensive plan that significantly breaks down the cost of getting your project of the ground without loosing a piece of your company.

2. This means that your obligation to Tsarona is purely financial for the life cycle of the project​

3. The cost is paid monthly, it will be around 10 percent of the quoted amount

Equity Shareholding

1.This is for a company that is looking to hand off and delegate the specific work. We focus on where we are capable and join forces with the requesting company.

2. This will mean that Tsarona will become a share holder in the project and play its part to ensure the company stay afloat​

How it works?

1.Minimum cost will have to be paid to ensure the commitment and commencement of the project, this will be quoted separately stating that it will be under the partner program. The work load will be managed and projects will be prioritize based on availability of contributors to the project

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