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  • Delivery

    Delivery will depend on location distance between customer and supplier, customer can incur delivery charges after confirmation of delivery price and it has been received

  • Payments

    Payment will be made directly into provided account, to allow ease of Proof of payment, pay to the account that is the same bank that you are using so that one notification is received, your order can be release quickly


Tsarona prides itself in helping Black Business grow and participate competitively against market leaders. With the growth of the internet, we see an change in the spending patterns of black consumers.

There is a huge drive in South Africa for the Black Community to buy proudly black owned and made products, to spend their earnings of helping the township economy grow

Tera Concepts Holdings PTY LTD is an Information Technology and marketing company focused on digital strategies to reach out to the growing market, It is 100% black owned and willing and ready to help the Township Economy grow