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Enabling you to find your way

Do you want to make money?

Sebenza ZA give you the ability to make money by helping your community, If you know somebody who needs help and you refer them to us, we will compensate you based on the rates for each service

We know your community already trusts you and we want to invest in you, not only to make money but to solve issue for people within your community

Your own time

Get customers at your own time, you can  do this anywhere, from work, school or church, anytime

Work from anywhere

You are not limited by space, you can work, if you want to call it there, from anywhere

Make as much money as you want

You can make R1000 a day if you sell products that value the amount you are looking for

How does it work?

1. Register and Login

Log on to our website by joining clicking the “Join Sebenza Agents” Button. Once you have joined, you will be notified that your profile has been approved

  1. Register your Username / Password  / Email Address
  2.  Complete your user details, you will get an SMS/Email once your profile has been approved, then you can log in and start selling

2. Select a Product

Study the products page to see which products you are think you can sell, there will be a range products with different agent payouts to your benefit, please products examples below

  1. Business Registration – You get R100
  2. Car Service –  you get R300
  3. Logo – Design – You get  R150
  4. Interior Renovation – You get R6000 etc  

3. Sell a product

Do your research

If somebody you know needs a Logo or any other product that we have on our list, you read more about the product -even send an email to us if you have any questions to

Sell your product

Approach your friend or family and sell them the product, if they are interested and confirm with you

Inform your customer that Sebenza Officer will get in touch with them soon

4. Customers Details

Once you have confirmed that customer is interested, capture their details on the “Leads” menu


Sebenza Team will call your customer to verify that they are interested in the product and can afford it, and they choose to continue with the transaction


5. Get Paid

Once your customer has paid and is happy with the service or product provided to them,

You get your money, yes, process ends here


6. Do it again

The more you sell, the easier it becomes for you to make money.

You can sell anywhere to anyone who trust your and who you trust


We will rate you based on the quality of the customers you refer to us

Ready to make money?

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