You are now registered as an agent


Collection of Monies

You are not to collect funds from customers,

Sebenza will get in touch with your potential customer and decide if what you have explained is the same service that we offer


You are not allowed to negotiate on Sebenza’s behalf, all you are allowed to do is to recommend and tell your potential client


Once you have submitted your first Lead, a Sebenza Agreement form will be sent to you to request your details and your account details

Note: Sebenza reserves the right to not serve your potential clients

1. Sell a product

Do your research

If somebody you know needs a Logo or any other product that we have on our list, you read more about the product -even send an email to us if you have any questions to

Sell your product

Approach your friend or family and sell them the product, if they are interested and confirm with you

Inform your customer that Sebenza Officer will get in touch with them soon

2. Customers Details

Once you have confirmed that customer is interested, capture their details on the “Leads” menu 


Sebenza Team will call your customer to verify that they are interested in the product and can afford it, and they choose to continue with the transaction

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