Tsarona Grocery Scheme

Through Ubuntu, we are building our community

our price list

Tsarona Grocery Scheme is working on growing the range of products we supply. Based on our current situation and stage of the company, we only supply the bare necessities that we can store and distribute. We plan to grow our price steadily until we can cater for our your grocery needs. Click on below button to view our grocery list

Do I really become a share Holder?

Yes! Tsarona Grocery scheme aims to grow the community through its buying power, to put every cent that you spend on food to leave a legacy for your children. We are decolonizing the economy by ALLOWING YOUR MONEY TO SERVE YOU

Your shares take 2 years to be active, investments take time and so as the company grows so does your share. Your Membership form is attached to a membership agreement that can be found below

How do I place an Order?

You can use the price list provided by your agent. We do not sell everything, we just cater for the basic stables that every home needs.

If you decide to visit to visit a distribution center, you can pick from their wide range of products

How do i become a distributor?

If you are a black owned business in the Bekkersdal and you already have a shop and are selling grocery items, then the process is easier, Tsarona Grocery scheme will work with your existing stock. It is free to join, you will have to buy stock from Tsarona and it will be delivery when it is required

If you do don’t already have a Spaza but you have the space to sell to customers. We will help you structure you stock to easily cater for our customers. It will cost you R2500 for us to help you set up your shop

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

We understand that the best customer is a happy customer, so we really aim for excellence is helping our customers by providing high quality service


We believe in the African way of doing things, not to only grow to grow our community financially, but to leave a legacy for our children that will give them a healthy start to the rest of their lives

Saving our people

Giving Africans a chance to have a truly liberated economical legacy

Economic Liberation

For too long we have been onlookers while the economy is ruled and driven by the minority. The few rich elite controlling our participation in the economy, time for change has come

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