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What is the product?

For a monthly premium of around R200 for a period of 3 years your recieve

  • This includes maintenance twice annually
  • Support on Technical issues through our online platform


Our offering gives you an efficient and proactive way of ensuring that your business tool are up-to standard at all times, updated and running in top shape


1. New Device every 3 years

We plan to renew your tools every 3 years, that is the amount of time technology takes to be outdated, with new operating systems every few years, it will be easy to stay up-to date.

2. Maintenance Plan

A Maintenance Plan provides for everything that is in included in the Service Plan plus the replacement or repair of specific wear-and-tear parts

3. Support Team

Our is the right team that has a wealth of knowledge. We are more then capable and we keep our clients happy.

4. Service level agreement

We ensure we provide services in the agreed time and maintain the correct standard through our SLA Quality Management System.

5. Device Insurance

Incase of an unfortunate event like theft or destruction of the device, the device will be replaced.

6. Get Devices on Credit

Sometimes you just need the ability to start working on your business model but you just don’t have the tools your need, we can help you with credit for devices, Insurance is compulsory for this options.

Choose the perfect plan


Per month

  • 6 Maintenance Calls
  • Online Support
  • Device Renewal



  • Maintenance Unlimited
  • Onsite Support
  • Device Renewal
  • Insurance


Per month

  • 12 Maintenance Calls
  • Online and Call Support
  • Device Renewal

Frequently asked questions

Tsarona is our Trading Name as it represents our ideology and where where intend to go as a company

Technology Partner

Supply and Maintenance

How frequently should your devices be maintained? As often as possible, but we offer once or twice a year

Training and Support

With new software being introduced into the market every single year, it is important to keep the operational efficiency of your staff at its highest performance

Software Development

We build custom solutions what are web based and are accessible from multiple platforms. We train users and certify them

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