Tsarona is a concept born out of the issues we have identified that have been designed to keep the Black Child down. Even though the problems are not completely racial, capitalism keeps the black child as the biggest victim globally


The media does not really portray the black community in the townships in a positive light. The general aspiration of the township youth are derived from media as a whole with regards to good role models who have the same identity as those stuck in the Townships. As a result we see increasing decay in our townships in the charactor and outlook on life


Our children are not groomed for the real world, the assumption is that jobs will be ready and waiting for those who go through the education system. Sadly this has not been the case and we have millions of unemployed graduates. We believe that childhood development should include identification of individual talent so that they have a better change of being a mass contributor to the development of their communities


The economic ground is not fertile for new entrants into the market. Mainly this is caused a lot by our economic policies, government and regulators that are strangling the grow of new businesses and sector.


There are layers of problems not only with the delivery of services that could emancipate us, but there are fundamental issues that are wrong with in the foundation of our Government also within what we initially inherited.

Our Solution

We need to help the entire system by being active, we need to stop complaining and bring solutions to better our lives. Tsarona essentially means “OUR”, its time we brought our own solutions to the table.


NOW LETS GET TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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our Tsarona team

Freddy Ndlavane

IT Technician, Graphics designer, Sound Engineer

Mompuluki Busang

Tsarona Fast Foods, Mr Alabanban

Tshepo Mofokeng

Programme / Project Manager since 2018

Lerato Matheba

Marketing, Events and Planning

Bonginkosi Matsile

Consultant (Entrepreneurship)

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